Modern architecture and interior design

Modern architecture and interior design are a combination of luxury, comfort, and convenience. Today the best architecture and design practices are used to create the masterpieces that offer ultimate luxury to its residents. Modern architecture emerged during the phase of the replacement of hand-labored craftsmanship with machine-made industrialization. The focus of architecture shifted from beautification to functionality. Modern architecture is advanced, experimental, and minimal.

A modern interior design offers practicality and functionality that comes with non-traditional architectural features. It is a sustainable choice as it relies on natural materials and elements that are environment-friendly. Modern architecture surely includes bright and natural lighting, neutral walls, and textures. On top of all, it focuses on simple and simplistic furniture that adds the ultimate luxury to a space.


As we know that the contemporary practices of architecture include a style of building that give emphasis to function and a simplified form over embellishment. Modern architecture comes with a design aesthetic that is a departure from more ornate and decorated homes. Modern architecture simply focuses on sharp and clean lines. It is not a piece of cake to find the best architects near me, interior designers near me, or the best architecture UK. The world’s top architects may come up with the best architecture ideas and architecture house design ideas to suit your needs. Here you go with the characteristics of modern architecture to help you get a clear dimension.

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Asymmetrical Designs

Modern architects are inclined toward big and smooth shapes and asymmetrical structures that are minimally planned with no additional ornamentation.

Broad Roof Overhangs

Modern architecture emphasizes horizontal and low structures with broad roof overhangs. These roof overhangs are designed for multiple purposes and add more functionality to any residential or non-residential space.

Minimal Lines

Modern architecture comes with clean lines that give a truly minimalist appearance to an interior and exterior. These lines do not include further ornamentation as they have a simple and smooth texture.

Wide and Well-Defined Floorplans

Modern architecture puts great emphasis on form rather than function. Modern architects love to include wide and spacious floorplans with dining spaces and living areas that are streamed into one another.

Modern Ways and Traditional Materials

Traditional materials are used in modern ways to create modern buildings. Steel, iron, concrete blocks, and glass are some of the common materials used in modern architecture. Building materials including stone, brick, and wood are used in unconventional ways to enhance the grace of modern interiors.

Glass Walls and Wide Windows

Modern architecture promotes the very generous use of glass in a building. It welcomes huge glass walls and wide glass windows that make the space brighter and airier. Wide glass windows also make a space more connected to the outer world. The inflow of sunlight also contributes to making the interior design of a space more attractive.

Projecting A Link to The Outside Environment

Modern architecture tends to link the interiors to the outside environment to add more versatility to it. Modern architects think beyond just constructing a building. You can see a connection of modern architecture to the natural landscapes around them.


Modern house design offers something beyond just having a house that looks modern. The best architecture house design ideas given by the world’s most demanded architects include the recommendation of using modern structural materials.

Many of us may be searching about the interior designers near me or architects near me to get to know about the best architecture ideas, architecture house design ideas, or best architecture UK to have a take on modern architecture. There are hundreds of architecture house design ideas that you may use to create modern architecture. Here you with some of the best architecture ideas to get your dream home!

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Give Emphasis to Function while Building

Functionality comes first—ever since modern architecture has emerged. The functionality is preferred by the interior designers and home décor devotees. Every architectural project must be functional enough to respond to the multiple needs of the beneficiaries. If a building is commercial, the focus of its construction must be on offering functionality rather than embellishing the exterior.

Prefer Modern House Materials

The world’s best architecture projects that the top architects do are done using modern house materials. These materials can be used while employing the best architectural and engineering techniques to add more charm and life to modern architecture.

Sustainable House Design

Sustainability is the need of the hour. Every one of us must contribute to shifting towards sustainable practices in our everyday walk of life. When it comes to architecture, sustainable house designs are the most recommended choice by experts. Sustainable house designs do the least harm to the environment and so it is considered one of the most influential architectural practices across the globe. 

Connecting Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Today the most loved spaces are the ones where the indoors are connected to the outdoors. This connection is built in many ways. It is either done by building open spaces, maximizing the use of glass in the windows and doors, creating sub-spaces that flow into one another, and much more. It is one of the easiest and smartest best architecture ideas 2022.

Modern Vernacular Home design

Vernacular Design is a term that architects use to describe local design trends. Vernacular architecture is an architectural style that focuses on local needs while designing. It also considers the availability of construction materials that can be used while designing a modern home. It is an architectural style that reflects the regional culture and native requirements. It is one of the most practical designs that respond to the need of the locals. It offers solutions to cater to the needs of residents considering the regional climate and culture. Having local vernacular home design essentials can make a modern home fit into the local architectural fabric.

Go for A Passive House Design

Having a passive house design is among the smartest architecture house design ideas. A passive house design is one of the finest examples of modern architecture and the best architecture UK. It is one of the hottest best architecture ideas that you can incorporate to enjoy the comfort and ease of life.

Incorporate Smart Home Technology into the House Design

You can include smart home technologies in your home in the form of kinetic architecture and automated systems. You can also add more functionality to your home with the best architecture ideas like structuring modern kitchens and bathrooms. It will not only automate the basic house functions but will also make you feel more at home.

Modern Roof Decks

A modern roof deck works as a protection from rain and sunlight. You can include a solid or open roof patio cover to add this interesting feature to your house design. It can be added to commercial or non-residential spaces. The roof decks are supported by columns or posts.

Double Height Living Room

You can include double-height living rooms that make a living room look more bright and spacious. This double-height living room can be followed by a patio that comes with a home garden to add ultimate luxury to your modern home.

Let it be Simple! 

This way you can also find beauty in simplicity where less is always more. The concept of simplicity has many forms in the architecture of these homes.

Have One Clear and Open concept

You can make your home more appealing by creating a clear and open concept within it. For this, columns are used to create large and open rooms and to connect the indoor spaces with the outdoor environment that is popular in modern architecture.


Repetition creates a feeling of monotony that is a loved feature of a modern home. You can repeat the style and design of basic elements to keep the house design simple. Just like you can keep the style of window or door the same in every room of your modern home.


Modern architecture is the idea of design that prevailed from the turn of the 20th century until World War II. It was the phase when the preference of people shifted from embellishment to practicality and functionality while rebuilding the entire cities from the scratch. Modern architecture is favored by the designers and public even today with added design finishes and updates in the techniques and a variety in the materials. You can look for the best architecture UK, best architecture ideas, architects near me to get the right advice on architecture house design ideas, interior designers near me, and much more. You can get the aesthetics and elements of modern architecture simply by picking any or all of these best architecture ideas and architecture house design ideas.