A Quality Modular Sofa Brand You MUST Check Out

A Quality Modular Sofa Brand You MUST Check Out

Quality Modular Sofa Brand:

Want to let your creative juices flow with a flexible piece of furniture? A modular (or sectional) sofa is just what you need to satiate that urge for creativity!

Modular sofas come in a series of movable pieces. These can be put together in different ways to create a sofa that best fits YOUR needs. The best part? You can take the pieces apart and put them together in a different configuration when you have an itch for something new!

Modular sofas are truly fantastic creations, changing the image of furniture pieces from rigid to oh-so-flexible. If you’re in to purchase one of these versatile pieces for yourself, you might be wondering where you can get a high-quality one. After all, investing in the centrepiece of your living space will be worth it.

In that regard, this blog post is your comprehensive guide on a quality modular sofa brand you’ve simply got to check out! Stick around till the end to find tips on how to decorate with a modular sofa, plus answers to some frequently asked questions!

Quality Modular Sofa Brand: M. Jannet J.

M. Jannet J. is a high-end brand based in London, United Kingdom. They have excellent craftsmanship, with many of their employees having over a whopping 40 years of experience. As such, you can trust them to produce high-quality, luxurious sofas, perfect to give your living space that luxe factor!

You can decorate their modulars to blend in with your decor and serve merely functional purposes. On the other hand, you may also keep it light with the rest of the decor, making your sectional sofa the focal point. Allowing the limelight to be on it this way allows for the sofa to double as a stunning piece of decor and make a statement of its own.

The Mastermind Working Behind M. Jannet J. Modulars

There are numerous sofa brands out there, sure, but what makes M. Jannet J. stand tall and proud amongst these? Their exceptional quality!

Each modular sofa of the brand is crafted with love, using natural and exquisite materials. It is made keeping in mind the need for high quality and durability, ensuring the piece can adorn your space for years to come without requiring replacement or repair.

The versatility of modulars doesn’t end with the possibility to rearrange units; you can also get it customised to your needs in the first place. Their bespoke services allow you to get the product made on request; from making a sofa softer to altering the overall size of your piece, they can accommodate all your needs!

Styles Of Modulars

The style of modular sofas is defined by a low-slung silhouette that easily binds together a spacious room. As such, they have the potential to act as the backbone of your living area, unifying even the most disconnected spaces. 

Their overall style really depends on how you decide to style it. From an L or U-shaped configuration to several individually-placed arrangements, there’s so much you can make from a modular sofa.

Their overall look is sleek, classy, and contemporary. This is especially true for M. Jannet J.’s leather and velvet sofas; they are made with both simplicity and functionality kept in mind. So, you can use them to complement your modern interior or create contrast in an otherwise traditional space.

Quality Modular Sofa Brand

Designs Of Modulars

Modular sofas have expansive layouts and deep seating. Taken together, both of these factors create a voluminous look, making the sofa a bulky part of your interior design. Modular sofas have a sleek build that makes for a designer addition at a non-designer price!

M. Jannet J.’s modular sofas first offer the option of choosing between high arm and low arm. The former has arms that are levelled with the back of the sofa, whilst the latter has arms of a slightly lower height.

Once you choose your preference, you can then proceed to choose between:

Standard Sets

Standard sets may be two-seaters, three-seaters, and four-seaters. You may also choose a corner sofa (L-shaped), or better yet, a corner sofa with a footstool to place in the centre!

Chaise Sets

These sets have one end extended, so there’s enough room for folks sitting there to have room to lay and rest their legs (formally called a chaise). M. Jannet J.’s chaise modulars come in two, three, and four-seaters, with chaises being on either the left or right end.


In addition to your basic modular sofa set, you can purchase several add-ons to increase the versatility of your piece. At M. Jannet J., you can find a variety of such add-ons:

  • Left chaise
  • Right chaise
  • Footstool
  • Left arm corner
  • Right arm corner
  • Armless seat

Quality Modular Sofa Brand

Colours Of Modulars

Modular sofas come in all shapes and colours, but M. Jannet J. believes in neutral supremacy. After all, neutral hues are easy to decorate around (for every season) and make a subtle yet stunning addition. The five main colours offered are:

1. Cream — for a timeless look that can smoothly transition from your contemporary lounge to a traditional sanctuary

2. Light grey — perfect for all-neutral interiors, with their colour being less likely to be stained than cream

3. Taupe — A mixture of brown and grey with several undertones, taupe is an elegant colour to choose for your modular.

4. Dark grey — one of the most famous neutrals out there, owing to its versatility and ability to work with a plethora of other hues

5. Royal blue — A great choice for folks wishing to make a statement with a bold punch of colour. The hue is bold but elegant, ensuring the look remains subtle while still catching the eye!

Finishes Of Modulars

Furniture pieces, such as modular sofas, can have a variety of finishes. These include multiple glazes, such as dark glaze and clear glaze. These semi-transparent materials are applied over the fabric to accentuate the sofa’s details.

Quality Modular Sofa Brand

Tips On Styling With A Modular Sofa

The story doesn’t end with purchasing a modular sofa and placing it in your space — there are other factors to consider, too! In that regard, here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind:

Pay Attention To Proportions

Modular sofas may be bulky in size, and pairing them with similar-sized pieces makes all the difference. Flank them with tall lamps and make sure the coffee table isn’t too small to be the centrepiece.

Don’t Rush The Space

Modular sofas often have an expansive layout, making it easy to go over the board with cushions and pillows. But a sleek piece like a modular deserves an elegant look. To achieve the purpose, use cushions sparingly. You can achieve symmetry by using them in the right, left, and centre.

Pair The Piece With Ottomans

Using ottomans around your modular creates an interesting look. You can even substitute the central coffee table with a pair of ottomans. You can use these to meet your table needs — and they can also double as an extra seating area!

Complement The Look With A Rug

Placing a rug underneath your contemporary modular sofa helps make the space more inviting. Pick a rug that complements the colour of your modular. Also, take care of the size — too small rugs can look misfit in the place.

Quality Modular Sofa Brand


Before winding up the blog post, let’s answer some frequently asked questions to clear any possible queries you may have in your mind.

1. Can I customise my modular sofa?

With all the options provided while shopping at M. Jannet J., the final product you purchase will actually be a customised piece, taking into account everything you choose while placing the order. Even then, they bespoke services can accommodate any further requests you may have, such as softer sofa seats.

2. Do modular sofas stay together?

Of course! They are designed to be easily and quickly moved around and arranged in different configurations whilst staying together rigidly when you put them together.

3. What’s the difference between modular sofas and sectional sofas?

None, really. Modulars and sectionals are widely classified as the same thing. For folks delving into the details — modulars refer to a set of individual pieces while sectionals almost always have a chaise.

Final Words

Modular sofas are truly exceptional additions to one’s interior; they’re spacious, versatile, and simply stunning. What’s more, they can easily move around with you. From your city apartment to your new seaside home, they can spruce up any space within minutes.

If you’re on the hunt for a high-quality, luxury modular sofa for your interior, M. Jannet J. is an incredible brand creating luxury pieces, perfect to meet your needs. As discussed in this blog post, their elegant pieces are hand-crafted with love, making every penny of the investment worth it!